VICON Method
Stimulate language

Try the online program for free, the reference tool to improve the communication skills of children with language disorders through music and play with the family.

A self-learning system by imitation that guides and accompanies them from the essential levels of learning to the most complex stages.
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More motivating and natural audiovisual learning for your child

Through Music Therapy, your child will naturally react to new stimuli and socially strengthen their learning.

An innovative and effective training tool for teachers and therapists

VICON Method is a resource for early intervention professionals and therapeutic pedagogy in Special Education and Therapeutic Centers for children with special educational needs.

We give voice to childhood

Our Commitment
We have created an instrument that stimulates verbal language and meets the needs of many children with such a particular learning style, requiring a highly sequenced and programmed approach.
Today, thanks to digital environments, we can offer these children and their families a tool that uses audiovisual language as a teaching method through video playback and repetition of words and songs, turning their learning into a game that they enthusiastically embrace.
We develop their happiness
Quality of
You will have therapeutic follow-up at all times
A team of 3 therapists with over 20 years of clinical experience will be by your side to help and guide you throughout the Method.
Cristina Oroz Bajo
Cristina Oroz Bajo
Pedagogue, Music Therapist, and ABA Technician specialized in Autism
Joan Alsina Ferrando
Joan Alsina Ferrando
Consultant and ABA Mentoring Specialist in Autism (BCBA Certified)
Cintia Ferris Lantero
Cintia Ferris Lantero
Psychologist expert in Language Disorders and Child-Youth Play
With them, you will have:
Personalized attention via Whatsapp
Live monthly follow-up
Trainings, webinars and support materials
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How to Use theVICON Method?

Chica y niña
10 minutes
2 times a day
From home or classroom
Learn by playing
Using the platform is easy and fun. Your child just has to follow the path and complete the different specific learning levels. Each level introduces new songs that bring along new learning and facilitate the development of their communication skills in social environments.

A method with a solid scientific foundation

The brain only learns when there is emotion
Science and Medicine have confirmed that the brain has the ability to modify itself through learning, thanks to brain plasticity. For this transformation to occur, we take into account the fundamental role of mirror neurons, which reflect on the brain what we observe and become our best allies during the growth process of children with special needs.

The VICON Method works with the emotion and motivation that stimulate these neurons, directing attention to fundamental elements of learning. We use curiosity and excitement as a driving force for learning the emotion conveyed by words and their meanings.
Niño jugando

Discovering the Method is this easy

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180€ every 6 months
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300€ every 12 months
All subscriptions start with a free week trial that includes:
  • Full access to the Method in 3 languages
  • Therapeutic support
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