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In this section, you can resolve all your doubts about the VICON Method with our FAQs and access multiple resources and training capsules on how the platform works.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what times can I put the video on?
Is it correct to play the videos while eating?
Is it better before or after meals?
Tricks to remember to put the video on?
How many times do I have to play the videos?
Can I play the video more times?
I can see several videos... Which one should I watch?
Should I play the videos when my child is sick?
Where to put the video: telephone, television, tablet, computer...?
Can I put them in school or in therapy with their speech therapist, occupational therapist...?
Can he/she see it with his siblings?
Do I have to do the video exercises at home?
Does my child have to repeat what the video does?
At what age is it advisable to start with the Method?
What should I do if my child...
How much does the VICON Method cost?
Is it just for autism?
I am a professional...